• change front cover image (current one not SIM artists, was a visiting guest)
  • copyright page – added reprinted 2015 for next edition.
  • copyright page – remove Nita’s phone number.
  • copyright page – add Alex Nally to editors list.
  • at page 26 add 4 more pages for current SIM structure addendum. [nita has to write]
  • page 33 – change Matt Moore to Matt Karl.
  • page 40  – change caption to “Dave Schlafman (Executive Producer, SIM 2004) and Matt Karl (Interactive Designer, SIM 2005) in LA as nominees for a Daytime Emmy Award for their work on PBS’s Fizzy’s Lunch Lab, 2011.”
  • page 42/43 – Switch photo and credit – Harlan wasn’t really in sim.  [maybe use samo/blkbx illuminus image or something from the planetarium show]
  • Page 47 – “…Heidi Kayser, 1999,” should read …Heidi Kayser, 2005,”
  • page 48 – Erik wasn’t really in SIM either. should switch image. [maybe usesamo/blkbx illuminus image or something from the planetarium show]
  • page 56 – add “Juan Obando (2015 – present)” to faculty list; Move Dawn Kramer to Professor emeritus list; move current faculty list above past faculty; also put names in either alphabetical or chronological order. 
  • page 59 – change nita’s photo and make smaller. 


  • make new webpage that is not a wordpress site

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